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Mabu Crush Age, Phone Number, Real Name, Instagram, And More!

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Mabu Crush

TikTok is a platform that has helped numerous people earn fame and money. One of the people who has become an internet sensation using the platform of TikTok is Mabu Crush. He is a TikTok star who became famous for his entertaining videos and clips.  Have you ever heard of this famous TikTok star? If not, stay with us and find out TikTok Mabu Crush real name, age and various other details.

Who is Mabu Crush? TikTok Mabu Crush Real Name 

Mabu Crush is an online social media celebrity who rose to fame with the social media platform of TikTok. He is also very famous on other platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and Moj for uploading shorts and video clips.

TikTok Mabu Crush real name is Mabu Sherif and he was born on 1st July 2000 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. He received his early education from his home town and still resides in his birth place with his parents.

From Childhood he had a shy and introverted nature and nobody has ever thought of him to become a star on social media platforms. Currently, Mabu Crush age is 22 years old and even at this young age, he has achieved a lot of success and fame.


He got a lot of love from his fans and followers and likes to meet them personally by visiting various colleges and universities. He has visited D.R MGR Janki college of arts and science, Mahalakshmi college, and Annai Velankanni College to meet his fans and also to perform as a guest celebrity.

Mabu Crush Age, Wiki, Bio, Height, Weight and Other Basic Details 

Mabu Crush Real Name Mabu Sherif
Nick Name Mabu Crush
Date Of Birth 1st July 2000
Place Of Birth Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Year Of Birth 2000
Mabu Crush Age 22 Years
Religion Hinduism
Nationality Indian
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Race / Ethnicity Brown
Famous For Singing and Dancing Videos
Profession Social Media Star
Relationship Status Not Available
Marital Status Unmarried
Children No
Spouse Name Not Available
Father’s Name Not Available
Mother’s Name Not Available
Siblings Yes
Sibling Name Not Available
Height 5 feet 7 Inches
Weight 59 kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Body Stats Not Available
Social Media Presence Yes
Instagram mabu_crush
Facebook @mabucrush
YouTube Mabucrush
Twitter @MabuCrush

Mabu Crush Family Background 

Nothing much can be found on the family background of Mabu Crush. What we do know is the fact that he lives with his family in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. The TikTok star also has a younger sister who is currently studying in 9th grade.  As a child, Mabu Sherif was a very shy kid and used to keep away from people and crowds. However, his career choices and his popularity on social media has astonished his parents and also made them proud.

Mabu Crush Educational Background 

Mabu Crush received his early education from Chennai, Tamil Nadu. He studied in English and Tamil medium school in Chennai. Later he joined the Vels Institute of Science in Chennai and completed his bachelor’s degree from there.

Mabu Crush Girlfriend / Spouse 

Mabu Crush age is 22 years and he is quite young to form a permanent relationship. He is currently single but he has a huge fan following and constantly receives friendship requests from his female followers.

Mabu Crush Phone Number, WhatsApp and Address 

There are many fans and followers of Mabu Crush who are interested in getting Mabu Crush phone number and WhatsApp details. Unfortunately, this information is not available on the internet. Even though he is quite famous on social media platforms and active on the internet, he does not share his personal information with the public.

He likes to keep his matters private, which is why Mabu Crush Phone number and information about his family is not available on the internet.

Mabu Crush Social Media Presence 

Mabu Crush started his career on social media with the platform of TikTok. Gradually, he got a lot of fame on the platform and gathered a huge number of followers. He has around 3 million+ followers on TikTok.

However, due to the ban on the TikTok app by the government, he was not able to continue on the platform and diverted his work on Instagram. There, he acquired a lot of female fans and also got the chance to feature in 3-4 albums.

After getting fame on multiple social media platforms due to his charm and good sense of humor, he also created his channel on YouTube. He has around 2.3+ million subscribers on his YouTube channel which is by the same name Mabu Crush. One of his albums got really famous, especially the song from the album named Adiye Adiye, which got over 2+ million views on the platform.

Apart from being famous on various platforms, he also is a notable personality on Moj app and is one of the most well-known and popular Tamil celebrities.

Mabu Crush Career and Net Worth 

Mabu Crush is a famous social media celebrity who is popular for making short videos and clips that are funny and entertaining. The TikTok star earned fame very quickly and also started to earn from the platform from a very early stage.

Apart from earning through social media platforms, Mabu Crush has other sources of income as well. A big part of his monthly income comes from brand collaboration and advertisements. As he is quite famous, many brands contact him to become the face of the brand’s product.

According to the reports and analytics, the monthly income of Mabu Crush is around 50k to 1 lakh and his estimated net worth is around 50 lakhs to 1 crore. However, seeing the potential of this young talent, this figure is expected to increase in folds in near future.


Mabu Crush is a popular TikTok star from Tamil Nadu who is famous for creating entertaining contents for his viewers and followers on social media.

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