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Voltex Reviews: Is It A Genuine Electricity Saver?

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Voltex Reviews

When it is predicted that one in four UK residents won’t be able to pay their gas and electricity bills when the energy limit climbs to £3,600 in October, it makes sense that people are looking for new methods to cut their spending.

The “Voltex Power Saver,” a plug-in device that is offered for sale online and guarantees to reduce your energy bills by at least half, is one such approach. However, reviews for Voltex power savers tell a completely different story than what is depicted on their website.

So, what exactly is a Voltex Power Saver? Is the Voltex energy saver effective? Or is Voltex scam and what are people saying about it in the reviews of the Voltex power savers?

What actually is the Voltex Power Saver?

A plug-in appliance known as a Voltex power saver makes the promise that it can deliver a steady and smooth electrical current to your house. By preventing the overuse of force, this new and enhanced current will boost efficiency and decrease dirty power, which will lower your energy costs.


How Does This Voltex Power Saver Work?

The simplicity and convenience of the Voltex power saver are spoken of. It operates by being connected to the socket that is nearest to your box, and once the light flashes green, everything is in working order. The website asserts that as soon as it is plugged in, it will start saving you money. Once plugged in, your Voltex power saver should operate without needing maintenance.

How Does This Voltex Power Saver Save Your Money?

  • The Voltex website claims that the Voltex power saver cuts your energy bill in half in three significant ways. Which are:
  • Stabilizing power -Power factor correction and ground-breaking electricity stabilizing energy are allegedly combined by the Voltex power saver to assist in stabilizing and improving the efficiency of the electric flow in your house. However, there is no proof to support this.
  • Reducing Unclean Electricity – The Voltex energy saver also promises to cut your cost in half by decreasing the amount of dirty electricity that passes through your lines. This is designed to reduce your exposure to electromagnetic radiation (EMF/EMR) produced artificially by wireless gadgets. It is important to note that despite much research, there is no proof that exposure to EMFs is detrimental.
  • Eliminates Harmful Spikes – The Voltex power saver claims to save you energy in one more manner by utilizing cutting-edge capacitors to reduce hazardous power spikes that may hurt gadgets and appliances alike. It is also important to note that the sophisticated capacitors to which they speak might cause a fire. This is due to the fact that it is unknown if they are truly rated for connection across the AC line or whether a lightning strike would result in a fire.

Are The Voltex Reviews Right?

You will either read highly positive evaluations of the Voltex energy saver or incredibly negative ones, depending on where you are reading the Voltex power saver reviews. The website for Voltex promises lower energy costs, fantastic deals, and regrets over not giving it a try sooner. While there is undoubtedly discounted pricing on the Voltex website, just one aspect of the reviews appears to be accurate.

Most Voltex reviews appear to make the same claim. “OMG this device saved my life last summer,” reads one of the online evaluations. I had to choose between watching TV and eating when I was placed on unpaid leave since I couldn’t afford to do both! The nicest part is that it’s green! Now that I have a simple suggestion they won’t hate me for, I can stop nagging my friends about how vital it is to reduce power usage, especially in the heat. Regards, Voltex.

The Voltex power saver does not, however, appear to be operating. The Voltex energy saver has nothing that might result in a lower energy cost. Additionally, if you search elsewhere for evaluations of the Voltex power saver, you will encounter a very well-known tale. On Trustpilot, 92% of the reviews are negative, all of which complain that the Voltex power saver did little to lower their expenses.

Voltex Reviews 

“I purchased many of these units on October 21 and, as of this point, have not noticed any decrease in my usage or any savings on my bills, according to a large majority of the evaluations posted on the business Trustpilot. I think it’s a complete scam and has read reviews from others who have opened the units and told us it’s a complete scam where you save nothing. I contacted the company’s customer support to inquire about a refund, but they would only honor the guarantee for the first three months. total waste of money Don’t fall for this SCAM”.

It is clear with the Voltex reviews that it has given an overwhelming amount of negative Trustpilot reviews compared to the positive comments available on the website.

Is the Voltex Power scam?

In conclusion, there is no question about the Voltex scam. Everything about the firm raises suspicions, even if you ignore the negative Voltex reviews and the dubious scientific claims. According to what we know, the corporation itself has undergone three name changes. The firm, which was formerly known as “Motex,” then changed its name to “Ecovoltex,” and is now just known as “Voltex,” seems to alter its identity whenever the fraud is discovered.

Additionally, the website includes a picture of the “three founders” of the business, who were “photographed at a tech expo.” But a quick reverse image search of the pictures reveals that it is actually a Shutterstock stock shot of three guys.

In addition to not working, the product also uses fear mongering to try to get you to buy it. As if cutting your energy costs by 90% wasn’t enough, the Voltex energy saver will shield you from EMF radiation.


These kinds of energy-saving frauds are nothing new. In general, if a thing seems too good to be true, it probably is. Before buying anything, it’s crucial to research exactly what it promises to achieve and whether or not it can actually do this. You should also always look for reviews of the product from a variety of sites.

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