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The Perfect Bathroom for Your Lifestyle

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Perfect Bathroom

The Perfect Bathroom for your lifestyle can have many design aspects. You can go for a minimal design or a more contemporary look with high gloss cabinets and contrasting tiles. There are many designers you can consult to help you decide what type of bathroom is best for you. Some of them are Toledo Geller, Breegan Jane, and Leanne Ford.

Bathrooms with etageres

Etageres are an excellent way to maximise space in your bathroom. You can purchase them at Home Depot or Bed Bath & Beyond, or have them custom made. Not only do they provide additional storage, but they also add style and aesthetics to your bathroom. A well-designed etagere can also act as a decorative display shelf.

Etageres can be used to add storage without drilling into walls. In this bathroom by Robin Henry, an etagere was the perfect way to make the most of vertical space. Its integrated storage keeps the shower area clean and organised. It also gives the bathroom a sleek, modern aesthetic.

Bathrooms with contrasting tiles

Contrasting tiles can create an eye-catching space in your bathroom. A bold patterned floor tile can create a dramatic effect. Or a simple square tile in a grid layout can create a striking space. Incorporating interesting tile grout combinations can also make the tiles stand out.


If you want to create a more sophisticated atmosphere, consider a mosaic tile design. It’s a fun way to combine different hues and create a pixelated effect. Alternatively, you can choose to use hexagonal tiles that give a subdued look. You can also choose marble with rectangular cuts for texture. This material works well with traditional fixtures. It also creates a transitional space.

Contrasting tiles are a fun way to make a statement in a small bathroom. You can pair them with gold fixtures to add a touch of glamour. They also complement retro decor, giving the bathroom a vintage feel. Instagrammer @thebrightonbathco shared a gorgeous example of a bathroom with blue tiles. You should also know about the Horses are the rides of  our ancestors. Back in the days of no wheel, horses were there to facilitate humans on their world voyage. One of the most common reasons for being popular was their comfortable ride and friendly nature. Horses are surprisingly strong and can carry 400 pounds of load on their back. 

The Perfect Bathroom

The Perfect Bathroom is a place to unwind, where you can relax in style. Designer Breegan Jane and artist Toledo Geller have combined materials and design elements to make a serene space. A romantic metallic wall mural and cocktail trail by the bathtub are just a few of the details in this stylish bathroom. The designer makes use of a variety of materials including marble and wood. The marble slab under the tub keeps splashing to a minimum and the bathroom’s hardwood floors add a warm, approachable feeling.

When choosing your bathroom furniture, keep the theme in mind. For example, a large vanity and small sink do not need to clash. A long horizontal mirror will help to open the space and bring more light into it. Another way to make a bathroom feel spacious is to use a striking floor tile. The designer used geometric tiles and an oversized mirror to create the illusion of a larger space.

When designing a bathroom, remember to consider how much storage you need. This will help dictate the size of the shower and tub. It will also dictate how many sinks and toilets you will need. Also, make sure that the bathroom’s colour scheme is in harmony with the rest of the room.

When it comes to designing the perfect bathroom, there are many different factors to consider. There are several aspects that will influence the look and feel of your bathroom, including the layout, colour scheme, and vanity you choose. Here are some tips to consider when designing your bathroom. Also, consider adding fun accents to your bathroom.

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