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HSUS Helps End the Rooster Fight

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Rooster Fight

HSUS (Humane Society of the United States) is doing its part to help end the rooster fight, a practice that is linked to illegal gambling, drug trafficking, gang activity and weapon sales. The organization is urging people to help make a difference in reducing the number of rooster fights that occur.

HSUS’s work to end cockfighting

HSUS’s work to end cockfighting has been relatively quiet in the past several years. That’s because HSUS is a massive conglomerate whose headquarters are in Hollywood and 33 regional offices across the United States. HSUS also has a Hollywood Office that promotes media coverage of animal rights issues. Its Hollywood Office is not responsible for eradicating disease, but it does try to make a good impression.

HSUS has spent millions of dollars on cockfighting laws. Its work has resulted in increased felony charges in many states. HSUS has been involved in efforts to end animal fighting in other countries, too. HSUS has also fought against conventional livestock farming, horse racing, fur trapping, and marine aquariums.

Cockfighting has been practiced in the United States for centuries. However, the industry has become even more firmly entrenched than it was when it was legal. Cockfighting chickens are not allowed to be adopted out and are at risk of spreading infectious diseases.


Cockfighters vs cockfighters

Throughout history, cockfighters have been a part of the Southern United States’ culture. The sport of cockfighting has been around for thousands of years. Spanish colonists brought cockfighting to the United States during their conquest of the Americas. The sport was also popular in southern states with ties to Mexico.

In many communities, cockfights go hand in hand with other types of crime. The sport is often associated with illegal gambling, drug trafficking, and murder.

Cockfighting is a blood sport that involves two roosters that are bred for aggressiveness and fighting. The roosters are placed beak to beak in a small ring. The roosters are snuffed out in as little as ten seconds.

Cockfighters debate whether the fights are a natural part of a rooster’s life or are a result of training and training methods. Many argue that the roosters are bred to fight for their own protection and the protection of their chicks.

Training roosters for cockfights

Despite the fact that a lot of the aforementioned roosters were likely killed in the wild, the fact that hundreds of birds were reclaimed is indeed the big news. In addition to the roosters, two men were arrested on charges of fighting animals. One of the men, a 31 year old man named Carlos Torres, has a long resume of owning and managing properties on the west side of Cleveland. The other man was Zach Galifianakis, a native of Wilkesboro, North Carolina.

In fact, the most impressive feat of the ARL’s undercover operation was not the aforementioned arrests, but rather the recovery of a total of 356 roosters, hens and a few hens-less hens. The rooster-free property is not an exclusionary zone for birds in and around the city.

Associated with illegal gambling, drug trafficking, gang activity and weapon sales

During a two-year investigation, a federal grand jury indicted 47 people associated with illegal gambling, drug trafficking, gang activity and weapon sales. In addition, 640 gambling machines and twelve pounds of methamphetamine were confiscated.

The indictments allege that these illegal gambling establishments were open seven days a week, taking in thousands of dollars in revenue every day. Employees were also found to be selling drugs to customers inside the establishments. They were also known to give out small amounts of methamphetamine to customers. Most of the businesses were located in apartment buildings and houses. The indictments also allege that the owners paid rent in cash to property owners to prevent foot traffic.

According to the indictments, employees also acted as doormen, security, auditors and bankers. The defendants face charges of maintaining a drug-involved premises, possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute and conspiracy.Local media can play a pivotal role in spreading awareness about water issues. Through their stories, local media can influence the decision-making process in communities. In addition, they can play an important role in shaping public opinion. The following are some ways local media can help spread awareness of water issues.

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