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Barbara Roufs Wikipedia, Height, Husband, Grave, Age, And More!

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Barbara Roufs

Trophy Girls are considered long as part of the car racing industry. Many years ago, trophy girls were often clad with heavy, bright colored clothing while covering their heads with shorts and wigs. However, this trend changed drastically in the 1970s and the trophy girls started to become more pronounced as a sexual trigger.

One trophy girl of the 1970s period that really stood out was Barbara Roufs. She was a very popular trophy girl and was frequently said to help in quickened heartbeats or racer men and faster cars as well. She was well known for her bold attires and revealing clothing choices.

The purpose of trophy girls is mostly to encourage the racers and overall instill the spirit of the game in the spectators as well, all of which was brilliantly done by Barbara Roufs.  Unfortunately, she is no longer with us and left this world at quite a young age in 1991. Read more details about the famous trophy girl including information on Barbara Roufs grave, Wikipedia and much more.

Who is Barbara Roufs? 

Barbara Roufs was a famous car racing trophy girl in the 1970s. She was born in 1944 in California, United States. However, her exact date of birth is not known. At the peak of her career, she was in her mid-twenties and also in her peak of youthfulness and charm.


She was very popular for her energetic approach and of course her choice of revealing clothing that has got her a top position among the trophy girls of that era. In the 1970s, the trophy girls were seen as a piece of attraction and were used to create an uproar among the spectators.

Barbara Roufs was a perfect trophy girl with long hair and beautiful attractive body and face. She mostly donned shorts and mini skirt without the addition of bra which was the common dress code for drag racing trophy girls.

Barbara Roufs Wikipedia, Age, Height, Weight and Other Basic Details 

Real Name / Full Name Barbara Roufs
Date of Birth Not Available
Place of Birth California, United States
Year of Birth 1944
Zodiac Sign Not Available
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Religion Christianity
Famous For Drag Race Trophy Girl of 1970s
Profession Model
Relationship Status Committed
Marital Status Married
Husband / Spouse Name Not Available
Children Yes
Child’s Name Jet Dougherty
Father’s Name Wayne Riley
Mother’s Name Thelma Ruby Riley
Siblings Yes – 9
Siblings’ Name Vincentius Roufs, Margareta, other sibling names are not known
Date of Death January 1991
Reason of Death Suicide
Educational Qualification Graduate
Educational Institute California State University
Height 5 feet 5 inches
Weight 55 kg
Body Measurements 32 – 25 – 32
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Social Media Presence No

Barbara Roufs Family Background 

Barbara Roufs was born to the parents Wayne Riley and Thelma Ruby Riley. Along with Barbara, the couple had 9 more children some of which are adopted and step siblings to Barbara. The family started off in Fresno, California, United States from where Barbara Roufs also received her education.

Barbara Roufs Educational Background 

Barbara Roufs was an enthusiast and developed interest in drag car racing when she was in college. Soon after completing her graduation from the California State University, she joined the entertainment business as a model and soon started to work as a trophy girl in drag race.

Barbara Roufs Marriage and Kids 

Barbara Roufs Wikipedia states that she has been married once and had a daughter from her marriage named Jet Dougherty. However, the name of her husband is not disclosed to the public and remains a mystery. She gave birth to her daughter when she was 29 years old.  After Barbara’s death, her daughter shared a very sentimental tribute for her mother which showed how close they were in real life.

Barbara Roufs Career 

Barbara Roufs worked as a drag racing trophy girl in the late 1960s and early 1970s while she was young and beautiful. She was also named as the queen of the 6th annual U.S. Professional Dragster Championship at Orange County International Raceway.

Apart from that, she was also the queen of 1973 PDA (Professional Dragster Association). Barbara Roufs was older than the rest of the trophy girls working with her but she was a favorite among the racers and fans. Her striking beauty also made her a favorite of other businesses that wanted to sell their products to drag racing crowds. Barbara’s was often seen in branded t-shirts and ad magazines.

Barbara Roufs Height, Weight and Body Measurements 

Barbara Roufs Figure was impeccable and highly likable by the crowds and drag racers. She was a beautiful woman with a flair to flaunt her assets. She stood at 5 feet 5 inches and weighed around 55 kg. Due to her modeling profession, she has to keep herself in shape and work out to maintain her figure. Her body measurements were 32 – 25 – 32.

Barbara Roufs Grave and Cause of Death 

Barbara Roufs died in January 1991 under tragic circumstances. According to the reports, the reason of her death was ruled a suicide. However, the details of what drove her to take such drastic steps are not known. Barbara was 47 years old at the time of her death.  Her death came as a shock to her fans and drag racing fans. But the most tragically shocked was her only daughter, Jet Dougherty. Barbara Roufs grave is located in Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota, United States.

Barbara Roufs Net Worth 

According to Barbara Roufs Wikipedia, in her life, she had multiple sources of income and primarily earned as a queen of trophy girls and a model. She has given her face to many brands and magazines which also helped her earn money as well as fame.  Still, some of her iconic photos and pictures are sold online and is still making an income for her family. Her estimated net worth was around $ 1.5 millions.

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