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Top Five Brands of Tonic Water

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Tonic Water

Tonic water is a classic that does it all. Crystal clear, soft, and with a beautiful perlage, it has an intense, stable flavour and a rounded, floral-enveloping nose. Its taste is both smooth and persistent, with notes of citrus and balsamic.

Vintage Tonic Water

When shopping for vintage tonic water, be sure to look for products without artificial flavours or colours. Also, look for tonics that are vegan or vegetarian. You should also look for a product that is gluten-free. You may also want to check if it contains no high fructose corn syrup.

Tonic water is an essential part of cocktails. It gives your drink volume and flavour and is the perfect mixer. However, not all tonics are created equal. The best brands strike the balance between bitter and sweet and incorporate citrus flavours. While tonic water is often mixed with gin, it can also be sipped on its own. When mixed with gin, tonic water gives the drink a classy and sophisticated taste. If you’re a fan of the gin, you can even upgrade your cocktail by using one of the best brands of gin available.

Fever Tree

If you’re looking to improve the taste of your cocktail and add a kick, try Fever-Tree. It’s a brand of mixers that pays attention to every detail. They use fresh ingredients to create delicious vodka cocktails. They’re also eco-friendly, which makes them a perfect choice for home bartenders.


Quinine, found in all tonic water, is the main ingredient in Fever-Tree. This ingredient comes from the bark of the fever tree, which grows in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Fever-Tree has a long history of fighting malaria. Its London-based brand has partnered with the nonprofit group Malaria No More, which seeks to eliminate the disease. In 2018, they launched their “Raise a Glass to Fight Malaria” campaign, which raised $203,946 for the cause.


If you are looking for a crisp, refreshing drink that contains no caffeine, look no further than Seagram’s Good Tonic Water. This drink has been delighting adults since 1857. It has a clean, natural taste and makes the perfect mixer. Whether you’re enjoying a refreshing lunch or winding down after a long day, Seagram’s tonic water will be the perfect choice for you.

The company’s house brand is designed to appeal to tonic drinkers and non-craft-tonic drinkers alike. It has no high fructose corn syrup and a clean, crisp flavour. It also costs less than some of its competitors.

Fever Tree light cucumber

Fever Tree is one of the most consistent brands when it comes to flavoured tonic waters. Their Cucumber Tonic Water is a delicious blend of cucumber and tonic that is low in calories and true to the brand name. It lacks the quinine and bitterness that many tonic waters can sometimes have, and has a light, cucumber flavour.

The refreshingly light cucumber flavour is reminiscent of a freshly cut cucumber in water. It is clean, crisp, and vivid in character, and is better paired with Hendrick’s or Martin Miller’s Gin. The cucumber is complemented by a slight citrus note, which keeps the flavour from being too vegetal.


Schweppes Tonic Water is one of the original carbonated tonic waters. The company was founded in Geneva, Switzerland, and began selling its beverages to the public in the late 18th century. During the 1870s, the company expanded its offerings and was able to make a name for itself in London. Today, Schweppes Tonic Water is sold all over the world. The company custom-tailors its products to suit local tastes.

While Schweppes Tonic Water is a popular mixer with cocktail enthusiasts, it’s also a popular option for drinking water on its own. It pairs well with dry gin, and has a unique flavour. Its quinine notes, combined with its sweetness, make it a great choice for any cocktail.

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